Batman Logo Over Pittsburgh

To welcome director Christopher Nolan and the cast and crew of the new film “The Dark Knight Rises” to the city of Pittsburgh, Lightwave International was called upon to project the symbol of the caped crusader on the city skyline.

The image was projected on Fifth Avenue Place downtown for two nights in July of 2011 as the production of Dark Knight Rises moved to the Pittsburgh area. As drivers emerged from the Fort Pitt Tunnel they were greeted by the Bat Symbol logo high atop one of the tallest buildings downtown. “We feel very welcome, even down to the bat symbol that was displayed last night,” Batman producer Emma Thomas stated at a pre-filming news conference the day after the display.

The symbol projection was created utilizing seven of Lightwave’s high power full color Prisim Series lasers. The laser array was set up in a building several blocks away with multiple computer control to ensure perfect alignment.

The display was commissioned by the Pittsburgh Film Office and Idea Foundry, a non-profit economic development film, as a way to highlight cutting-edge technology firms in the western Pennsylvania area. At the same time, the venture wanted to celebrate the start of Pittsburgh filming on one of the most highly anticipated films of the summer of 2012.