Cleveland Global Rainbow

Yvette Mattern’s Global Rainbow returns to the United States in Cleveland, OH. From August 6 to 10 the stunning laser artwork will project from the roof of the Great Lakes Science Center directly over the city of Cleveland. This particular presentation coincides with AHA! Cleveland, “a multi-day festival of lights celebrating Cleveland’s recent downtown development boom…”

Designed in-residence at the Center for Contemporary Art in Warsaw in 2007, the Global Rainbow Project is composed of horizontal beams of light representing the seven colors of the rainbow. For the artist, is an evocation of the power of natural phenomenon and her trust in humans, encompassing geographical and social diversity in its reach. A symbol of hope and tolerance, the Global Rainbow radiates through environments, highlighting the places it touches and re-enchanting everyday life.

Once again Lightwave International’s full color lasers power the spectacular rainbow creating an art piece visible for miles. Advances in solid state laser technology allow for this man made beacon to penetrate the sky with no more power usage than typical household appliances. Previous presentations of the Global Rainbow have been visible up to 100 miles away with this very equipment.

Yvette Mattern was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and now lives between New York and Berlin. She works mainly in temporal media such as video and film, which she fuses with elements of performance, public art and sculpture. A graduate of the School of Fine Arts from Columbia University, she taught at the University of Albany (New York). She has received numerous awards and has exhibited in Venice, Rome, Riga, Berlin and New York amongst others.