Grace Jones Hurricane Tour

Grace Jones took the stage at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City on Thursday, July 30th as part of the North American leg of her Hurricane tour.

Lightwave International expanded upon the lighting and laser effects utilized during the UK leg of the Grace Jones Hurricane tour during her performance in New York City. The show was one of three shows on the very brief USA leg of the tour.

Lasers accompanied the production during several songs. Grace donned a massive cape that blew wildly to signify the name of the tour. Lasers danced with her cape and created a stunning visual combination of laser lighting interacting with physical objects. Bounce mirrors were used to throw the beams back up at the ceiling after they hit the floor.

During the song “Love is the Drug,” lasers were used as an element of her costume in a different fashion. The costume consisted of a giant, eccentric getup with reflective bowler hat. Powerful lasers beamed to the top of the hat, which shattered the light like a disco ball and illuminated the prismatic surface of her entire outfit. It was a stunning stage effect few had ever previously seen created with such powerful, full-color lasers. Beam effects were also created during “Well Well Well,” switching from all-white to beautiful colored beams.