Korn World Tour

Korn began their 2008 World Tour in Europe with another laser-centric design. Tour LD Martin Potoczny showed off the power of the grandMA / DMX Lightwave Laser Server combination with stunning laser looks.

Designers serving designers: Lightwave Visual Artists and Lighting Designers combined bold technology and cutting-edge tools with talent and global experience. Learn about the advancements in show control and show design made possible by modern laser entertainment tools…

The 2008 tour was a complete redesign of the 2007 tour with a smaller budget and smaller venues, but Korn stressed that lasers were to remain an integral element in the show. New show designs and updated compact projectors realized this vision with dramatic results.

Korn’s 2008 World Tour is a great example of show integration. One Lighting Designer fully controls all conventional lights, automated lights, and an arsenal of laser lights. No missed cues, no excuses — just perfect choreography and looks that have never before been made possible. Initial server programming is carried out by a laser artist, placing all show content onto non-volatile memory. There are no servers to crash, and no operating systems to lock up. Entire shows are backed up by UPS so the lights and lasers stay on even when ‘the lights go out.’

Perhaps the most impressive feature of this technology is the new workflow that is created. Show designers can communicate looks to the LD which can be programmed using familiar lighting desk tools. New designs can be uploaded to the servers in a flash, just in case the selection of several thousand effects in the Lightwave Library is missing that perfect element. Our desk of choice is the grandMA, and we have developed an advanced fixture profile for this task.

Safety is paramount, and special skills are required to use high-powered lasers in this manner. No tour or event is complete without a skilled laserist to oversee all safety aspects such as securing laser hazard zones.

Modern controls, such as the DMX Lightwave Laser Server allow for seamless integration of all special effects from one lighting desk. Absolute control, cue-to-cue operation, and seamless integration: all essential assets of modern laser effects equipment.

Show Design: Chris Kantrowitz — Frank the Plumber
Lighting Designer: Martin Potoczny — Lightwave International
Server Programming: George Dodworth — Lightwave International
Laser Technician: David Fonner — Lightwave International