Orlando Science Center Laser Installation

The Orlando Science Center received a full upgrade in 2009, bringing in new laser equipment with programmed material for their laser shows that entertain thousands of audience members annually. Bright lasers, pounding music, and intense graphics provide a sensory experience.

Some of Lightwave’s museum and scientific institution customers have elected to perform live beam effects under the control of skilled operators. Others, such as the Orlando Science Center, have elected for a single-button playback solution that anyone can operate. To that end, Lightwave artists and programmers created all of the feature-length shows for this installation with audio, graphics, and beam effects pre-recorded onto a digital medium. The shows are programmed specifically for this dome using these particular projectors, so even the motion of the graphics relative to the screen location is preprogrammed. The operators at OSC simply select the desired show name from a list, select ‘PLAY’, and then listen to the “oohs” and “ahhs.”

The Science Center’s Lightwave Prism Series laser projectors are modern air-cooled direct diode projectors. These direct diode lasers are some of the most powerful in the world, are highly efficient for the facility and project millions of brilliant colors.

Orlando is home to a number of USA-based laser companies. These companies vary in style, procedure and tools used. With that being the case, the laser show programmed at OSC had to be absolutely superb.

Many laser installations across the country focus primarily on lasers that project abstract designs. Lightwave sets itself apart by rendering these colorful abstracts, as well as beautiful graphical imagery made possible with the world’s best laser technology and programming. The graphics and content of the facility’s laser programming were designed to represent the goals and program of the Orlando Science Center. This way, they end up with superior equipment, a sensational laser show, and fitting programs that are easy for their employees to operate and cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.