Record Breaking 38W Full Color Laser (2007)

Lightwave has created, in partnership with manufacturer Arctos, a revolutionary new full color laser. The Prism 38K laser projector is a technical milestone for the laser entertainment industry. This model, while only marginally more powerful that the 34 Watt model it replaces, packs nearly double the red power, and produces 35 Watts of crisp, balanced, white light output. All colors appear equal in brightness, which is unprecedented for any other laser of this power.

The Lightwave Prism 38K Laser is built on direct-diode technology. Instead of 3 or 6 RGB sources per wavelength as found in DPSS systems, this projector uses 114 diode and thin disc sources which are combined through a patented combination technique. The resultant internal power is in excess of 38 Watts, comprised of:> 15.0 Watts of 640nm Red> 16.0 Watts of 532nm Green > 7.0 Watts of 450nm Blue.The system outputs in excess of 35W in one single white light beam source. The resultant beam has ion laser quality (1 mRad divergence), an incredible color gamut, perfect white color rendering, and unprecedented full-color power and brightness.

The goal of this projector was to produce the most powerful laser possible in an existing laser form factor that is fully color balanced, and creates a perfect arc white output at full RGB intensity with no palette correction. It was designed to be a full-color replacement for outdoor events which typically use flashlamp pumped YAG systems. Most importantly, for the specific project that demanded its construction, was superior off-axis performance. The system needed to render all colors with equal brightness even when viewed from the most non-ideal viewing locations.