The Killers Battle Born World Tour

Battle Born is the fourth studio recording from the Vegas rock band. This most recent album took the group’s massive tour production to the world’s largest festival and stadium venues.

Wembley Arena highlighted the tour and became the set for The Killers’ live DVD recording. Lightwave International worked closely with Wembley officials to demonstrate safe audience scanning techniques becoming the first laser production company to provide the advance effect in Wembley’s walls. “The cheap seats” far from concert stages usually get sensory left overs, but The Killers showered fans in an incredible light show offering those seated way back their own spectacular experience. The Guardian gave a 5 star review calling it “A night the stadium league got a whole lot brighter, and lightning struck London twice.” In a glowing write-up Gigwise stated “their 23-song strong set feels like every good Wembley gig should: historic.”

Lighting Designer/Director: Steven Douglas
Touring Laserist: David Fonner
Laser Media Server Programming: Mike Dunn, George Dodworth